The Iron Man Mark 3 that was released in the past is remade in a color scheme closer to that of the movie as a commemorative product for the event!
Here is a review of S.H. Figuarts Iron Man Mark 3 – “Birth of Iron Man” EDITION-.

■Manufacturer: Bandai
■Release date: July 2020
■Price: ¥7,810 (tax included)
■Personal Evaluation
Reproducibility : 4.5/5.0
Articulation : 4.0/5.0
Play Value : 4.0/5.0

【Package】FigureArts Iron Man Mark 3 -Birth of Iron Man- EDITION-

The S.H. Figuarts Iron Man Mark 3 was released in 2016.
This was remade with some changes to the specifications and as a commemorative product for the online event “TAMASHII Features 2020”.
The color has been changed to metallic.

The side of the box has a picture of Iron Man in a different cut than the front.
Very cool with the lighting that does a good job of showing the glossy look.


On the back, gimmicks and action poses are introduced as usual.

【Review】FigureArts Iron Man Mark 3 -Birth of Iron Man- EDITION-

Full body style.
The prototype is still the same as it was 4 or 5 years ago, but the style is not uncomfortable, and the degree of reproduction is high.

The metallic throughout the body has been adjusted to a high quality color.
Each part of the figure has been painted with damage.


A close-up of the head. The eyes are painted in white.


The back is a beautiful red color all over.


It’s just the right amount of damage painting without being overly assertive.
The gold painted areas are beautiful.


It is a close-up of the chest and back.
The arc reactor of the symbol has been reproduced in clear parts.
The interior has been detailed and painted in silver.
The neck has been partially painted in silver and gunmetal.


The abdomen has a built-in movable frame.


Thighs are gold main color.

The junction with the back of the knee is recessed panel-like parts corresponding to the mobile.

The pattern of the sole of the foot is also reproduced without omission.

In addition, the legs are made of die-cast and have a sense of stability.

Comparison with the standard edition.
The birth of ironman edition has been adjusted to be closer to the color tone of the play.

Also, the color of the shoulder joint has been changed from red to gunmetal.
There are also some minor paint changes.

It’s very obvious if you put them side by side.

【Articulation】FigureArts Iron Man Mark 3 -Birth of Iron Man- EDITION-

Forward bending can be done at about 90 degrees.
Backward bending is possible at about 90 degrees.

The abdominal armor parts are divided so that there is a wide range of motion in the lower back.


The neck can move 360 degrees and the waist can move 90 degrees from side to side.


Shoulders are 90 degrees of upward mobility. The base of the arms can be pulled out.


The hip joints are also retractable, so they can be opened wide.
The legs are diecast, so you can drop your hips low and still feel stable.

【Accessories】FigureArts Iron Man Mark 3 -Birth of Iron Man- EDITION-

Hands * 2 / Hands for connecting effect parts * 1
Hand effects * 2 / Foot Effects * 1
Flap Parts * 1


The flap parts can be replaced to recreate the unfolded state (right).


A stand, which was not included in the standard edition, is included.


The “STARK INDUSTRIRS” logo is printed on the clear smoked black parts.

【Action】FigureArts Iron Man Mark 3 -Birth of Iron Man- EDITION-

Finally, a few action poses.


The die-cast feet are extremely stable.
High kicks while standing on one leg are no problem.
It also raises the foot significantly.


Punch pose.

Image of firing a repulsor-ray.


This is the pose that was introduced in the package.


In the first Iron Man movie, I was impressed by the sight of him unleashing a repulsor ray in the scene where the terrorist hideout was destroyed.

Pose flying with the stand and effects.


Photo from the back.

It would be nice if it came with a stand.




Firing a repulsor ray with both hands.


Superhero Landing


It looks perfectly fine from another angle.
I can’t get into a clean pose with a narrow range of motion in my hip and abdomen.



I reviewed Bandai S.H. Figuarts Iron Man Mark 3 – “Birth of Iron Man” EDITION-.

This is the recurring figure of Figure Arts Iron Man Mark 3 that was released in the past, but the coloring has been changed to match the image in the movie, so even if you have the standard version, you will be satisfied with this figure.

A special stand is also included.
The printed Stark Industries logo is also a cool touch.

This figure is a commemorative item for the event and cannot be purchased normally.
You can find the regular version in the web shop, so if you’re interested in the figure for the first time, why not buy it?